Sunday, September 6, 2009


                                                                             HYE! :D
                                                     yes, i know i look like an ugly duckling up in that picture.

Actually, i've got a gajillion (i don't even know if that's a number) things to blog about. 
But since I've to start working on my folios, 
I'll only blog about what happened these past few days.

I didn't go to school as I was feeling sick :( 
I had difficulty in breathing and my Mama straight away took me to the doctor. 
Dr. Johari, you kenal? Heheh :P 
So, then, i had to write my name eventhough i told the deskgirl i had a card there -_- 
I was number 3 in waiting.
Then, it was my turn. 
Sat down, and told everything to the doctor. 
He checked my lungs, he said my lungs were clear. But, i told him, i feel very "ketat" (:P) when I inhaled air. 
So, he said I had to go on the nebulizer. I was on it for about 15-20 minutes. 
Inhaling and exhaling that boring old gas
Lol :P 
Good thing it didn't stop me from continuing my day of fasting

Papa held a "majlis buka puasa" at the K.T mosque. I didn't know what to wear at first, then Mama told me to wear the jubah Papa bought for me in Makkah. 
So, i did. 
As we were getting ready, Mak Shi came because she didn't know how to get to the mosque and decided to follow us. Papa went on earlier 'cause he had to see the caterers or something (?). We went with Mak Shi's car

Arrived there and it was sunset :D Soooo beautiful! I love sunsets, eh no, I'm OBSESSED with sunsets. 
And my theme song for the sunset is 
Lol :P So, and then we went in, Aunty Shahrain and some others were already there. 
I saw Kak Anita wearing her tudung. 
Everybody there in the women's side were like, watching her or something -_- 
Jakun tak pernah tengok orang pakai tudung
Wahahaha. Adina and Aunty Ani came when the prayers were going on. 
I went to Adina and we broke fast together with all the other guests Papa invited.
 Adina was all "REVERSE OSMOSIS"! 
She ate the currypuff, but only the skin -_- She took out all the fillings. 
When i ate, the opposite happened
I ate the fillings but threw away the skin
So, Adina and I "exchanged". 
She ate my skin, and I ate her fillings :P
 Tak membazir, kan
We were kinda late for Maghrib prayers as we were enjoying our skins and fillings. 

After Maghrib, we went down to have our second meal that was dinner. 
Adina was so eager to eat, we were the first ones at the table :) 
Though, we had to wait for all the other aunties too. 
Adina and I were obsessed with the Rendang and Fried Chicken
Siapa suruh sedap? Wakakaka.
Aunty Ani asked Adina to take some of the rendang back home, and she said it was so embarassing
And, don't ask me what Papa did, people :P 
Then we went upstairs, and waited for Isya'. 
We talked and talked and I saw Aliyah
She joined us and three of us prayed together :)

After Isya' prayers, we decided NOT to do Terawih. Yes, we are bad girls :D 
And, I'm NOT gonna write what happened in the toilet! 
We hung out and talked about stupid stuffs and mostly, we laughed ALOT. It was fun -_- 
Then, Adina and Aliyah wanted to go downstairs to see what to eat. 
Adina wanted to buy 100Plus but the fridge was locked. PADAN MUKA! 
Plus, she was craving for bubur lambuk but they said they were gonna serve later, so like ya, we waited
I dared Adina something, and was gonna pay her at least 5 ringgit
In the end, she didn't do it and took 6 ringgit from my purse -________- 
Oh and, we laughed alot too there.

Then, as we were listening to some songs at the carpark, 
Aliyah went home.
Then, Adina,
then me. 
My dad introduced me to this lady.
 She was Mami's (Tasyah Heri's grandma) older sister, Yusnira/Yusnida (?). 

Papa Me TokYusnira/Yusnida

This is my daughter
(Salam-ed her)
Oh so this is your daughter? 
Dah besar dah. 
Bila nak kahwin?

Waaa....I didn't know I look really old :(

Papa drove me to 7-E 'cause I wanted to buy credit. 
Very long queue.

In the evening, Mama & Papa went to Mak Shi's house for what I don't know.
I stayed at home. Was supposed to do Sejarah Folio, but my computer was like >:(
Then yadda yadda yadda...
At about 6:15 p.m, Mama called and told me to heat up all the dishes.
Bfor doing that, I downloaded some of SHINee's songs :D 

Love Like Oxygen
Stand By Me
You're So Pretty
Forever or Never
Body Guard
The Shinee World (Doobop)

I went downstairs at about...6:45 p.m and heated up all the dishes.
I cooked the SEDAAP noodles for myself. 
The clock strucked 7:10 pm, they were not back yet :(
I worried a little and hoped I didn't have to buka puasa alone.
5 minutes later, I heard the car :)
Then we broke fast. They ate CRAB CURRY. I wanted to eat it, but Papa said  I'm not used to "kopek the kulit", so umm ya.
Terawih, Mama and I didn't go...Papa went alone.
I took the time to revise some Sejarah.
After Terawih, Papa fetched me and we went to the bank and I was supposed to withdraw money from my account.
BUT, the stupid machine said my balance was not enough. I was like, WTH?
I had ***.*0 and when I wanted to withdraw 150, but the machine said my balance was not enough.
Soo, Papa drove to PJ Newton and withdrew some money from his account. And didn't give some for me -_- Lols.
Then, he drove to SS14 and we searched for Bank Islam there (my account).
When we found it, went to the machine and the same thing happened.
I punyalah mencarut to the machine. 
Papa was silent and just heard what I said to the goddamn machine! 
I collected lots of slips to go complain to the bank people this Tuesday.
I was so pissed yesterday.
Bank Islam sucks! I want to change to maybe
Al-Rajhi or 
Overseas Union or
Ambank or 
Affin or maybe even 
Standard Chartered
I can't wait to complain to them! Weeeeee.


last but not least

                      I fell in LOVE with SHINee! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been awhile...

When i don't update my blog, 

That is what happens. 


    HEEE. :D

So, what am i up to these days?

a) Doing all my past school stuff that's supposed to be done, a few MONTHS ago
b) Trying to write poems? 
d) Getting into shape. (laugh all you want, like I care)
e) Gagging about Malaysia Airlines to everyone (I have no idea why am I so obsessed with MAS?)
f) Trying to get rid of my life-long asthma problem
g) Making plans for the future
h) Trying not to leave any day of fasting
i) Trying not to have a very dirty mind
j) Trying to improve my general knowledge
k) Trying to improve on my presentation in school in my academics
l) Trying to be more serious about things 
m) Listening to more techno music while studying as adviced by Adam Khoo
n) Taking care of my hair 
o) Trying to be more ladylike
p) Not to waste time 
q) Learning some other languages from Malay 
r) Trying NOT to pop zits 
s) Trying to be more matured


Wakakaka. You know...I'm currently addicted to the Malaysia Airlines Theme Song (We Fly) Original and Alternate version. I don't know why..but the rhythm keeps me going (?)
Listen to 'em if you don't believe me and think I'm so stupid. Lols.


That's the original, let's hear the alternate one. 


     SO? What do you think? :P :P :P :P :P       


Bye. My arm hurts :P 

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Nice legs, Daisy Dukes makes a man go (whistles)

Current songs : Starstruck 3OH!3
                          Fixing a broken heart AZN DREAMERS
                          The man who can't be moved THE SCRIPT
Fiyoooooooooooooo -_-

Today, was a very exhausting day.
Okay umm...
Papa had a kenduri in the morning because he is going for Umrah tomorrow :(
So, he invited all his friends and they did some prayers (doa) and had breakfast.
Last night, I helped her set the table at about 00:05 a.m :O 
Aunty Normah came and Papa was talking to her. They were somewhat arguing.
Whatever lah kan...I woke up at 7:15 a.m. I went down and saw Kak Yati (Mama's cleaning lady).
Kak Yati did some work and while she was doing them, she kept talking to herself. Aiyooo ;O
She came to help Mama with the kenduri stuff. Mama can't do it alone, and I'm no help either hahaha >:P
I only helped one thing in the kitchen. Arrange the :P Hey, at least i did something hehehe. 
Then when some of them arrived, I went upstairs, took a bath and slept :P Hahahaha. I was so damn sleepy.
Woke up about 12:05 p.m :O I got scolding from Papa :( 
Ate lunch and did some KH revision.
So many phone calls today. Penang lah, Melaka lah...everywhere lah!
At about 6 something, Mak Uya came with Abg Fairuz. Set the table again. 
Kak Yati already went home! Grrr....
Tonight, UncleAbbas&AuntyLaila + UstazNik&Wife are coming.
So, it's left with me and Mama.
I wrote this entry because I found some time. 
GTG. Toooooodles!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

                           "CORRUPTED MINDS THINK ALIKE"

 Yes, they do -_- Do i need to write their names? Nah, no need. But, I'm one of them. Lol.
Like the time Pn Ranchani talked about "birds". And as usual, the corrupted minds began to visualize WRONG stuff. 
So, one Wednesday morning during Maths period, we had to do this coordinates thing.
We had to connect the points to form a picture. So, we did. Some people had difficulties connecting the picture.
But, other genius people got the picture of a BIRD.
PC was like laughing like hell because she got the WRONG image. So Marishka and I. NYIAHAHAH xD
Then, they had to stick their birds at the Maths section. They did.
Then, Thursday came. We all went to see the birds with Pn Ranchani at the back of the class.
She said stuffs like :
"Why is this bird so fat?"
"Why is this bird so long?"
"Why this bird has no tail?"
"Why is this bird so stretched?"
Marishka, PC and I laughed like there was no tomorrow. HAHAHAHA.
Anything people say, we find it WRONG
We're such pe*ve*t*. Lol xD
PC, sorry i kinda stole those words up there from you :P 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Today, we had sekolah ganti.
Only 7 people came. Fatiah was like "Thank God Che Pah you came or else i'd be dead with these people heheheheh"
They're not that bad lah Fati :D They're fun to laugh with...ngeeee.
We did nothing first period.
Second period we had Agama and we did Solat Hajat. Me and Fatiah were blur at first but we managed to do it ;)
Recess then PJK. Did some sit-ups :P and played badminton. Hahahah, i played with this teacher and she kept complaining about me. (terasa) jkjk.
After that Science teacher didn't come. We (Fatiah, Marishka, Amelia and I) gossiped. We're bad people. ;P
Tracy and Siew Mun and Davina were quiet because they're such angels. Ngeee :D
Last period was BM and Cikgu A. did this forum "MARI BERGOSSIP".
Hahahahahahahahaha xD
It was fun. I talked about ehem2. And Marishka told me about ehem2 and I almost cried. ALMOST.
I dont know why but I think it was sweet. :) Don't tell that person k, Marishka!

And today, after school i got so hungry before lunch I ate ice-cream.
Then, i slept xP 
Then Mak Bibi came to meet Papa before he goes to perform his umrah this Monday.
I will miss you dearly, Papa :) :D 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

                     CAN I BE AS PRETTY AS HER PLEASE? 
That girl up there is Kristinia DeBarge. I love her eyes, they're so sexy :D Heeeeee, can i be pretty as her please?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers (ehem2)
Starstruck - 3Oh!3
Does Your Mother Know - Baranski Christine
When We say (Juicebox) - AJ Rafael
Long Distance - Brandy
Demi Kau Sayang - Kaer Azami
I Hope - FT Island
Second Time Around - Lady Gaga
Te Amo - Rihanna
Cause A Scene - Teairra Mari ft Florida

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I'm off, I will try my best to update my blog often, Sylvia & Cikgu Alias.  x

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



School's closed for a week :D 
To prevent the cycle of the you-know-what virus.
How's that for an awesome news? 
It's rather old, though.
Yesterday's news. But whatevs. 

Now, I have loads of time to study for my upcoming exams. Weee~

I don't have any latest news. Lately, I just like to chat in Meebo but there are so many older people there so walaweh wtheck. Heh. 

I've got a very old news but what the heck? This is my blog not yours. So ya.
We've got a new girl in class.
Name's Sabrina.
From Kota Damansara :)
First day, i dont know...but like, people were trying to impress her or something but I find it totally annoying. EEEEEE. -.-"

I'll try to update my blog more often so Soon can read it. Desperado lol.

p/s : I'll be FOURTEEN, ONE FOUR, 14 in 7 days (jumps jumps) ;) ;) ;)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you were mine

Very lame title right? Couldn't agree more.

yesterday thursday, i went to my first Science Tuition with Pn. Faridah, it was fun learning with her :D She taught us the cerita-cerita way. Weeeee~

Tracy and Sylvia asked me why I blog at night? Very late at night. 
Well, hahah, blogging at night is peaceful :)
You should try it some time. 
And, i don't blog in the evening because in the evenings i usually sleep ;P 

Then, today Friday, some of the 2 Baktians are going to Cik Tan's Sejarah last-minute tuition. Lol ;P
And this I'm about to tell you,
is very.... NOT ME. 
(slaps Fatiah's butt)


I used to hate Sejarah, and Cik Tan if you're reading this
Dui bu qi ;(
Wo ai ni, Cik Tan ;)

Hahahahaha Huhuhuhuhu Hehehehe Hohohoho Lol lol lol lol lol